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_/?\_????????????????? Om mani padme hum AVALOKITESHVARA ?? BUDDHA OF COMPASSION is published to benefit all beings.
To EMBED & SPONSOR preparation of Visual Dharmas brings great positive energy for the benefactors & for the whole planet Earth.
On the ungradual Buddhist path the Bodhisattvas are seeing as emanations of Buddhas or completely enlightened Beings. Avalokiteshvara (tib. Chenresig, chinese: Quan Yin-female form, vn.Quan Am) is one of three main Bodhisattvas along with Manjushri and Vajrapani -- Holder of the Vajra. Avalokitesvara is Bodhisattva from Pure land of Buddha Amitabha (tib. Dewa Chen). Avalokiteshvara has many forms ; the best known is 4-armed Chenresig. Another form is 1000-armed Chenresig whose sadhana is practiced in Nyungne -- fasting retreat. His name means : He/She who is listening the cries of the world. His mantra OM MANI PADME HUM is included in many initiations & sadhanas with detailed visualisations, gestures (mudras) etc. Reverence to Him is mentioned in 25th Chapter of the Lotus sutra . All Bodhisattvas have also wrathful aspects. His wrathful aspect is Hayagriva. He represents strength of Chenresig. Many Bodhisattvas have connections with sacred places and mountains. Holy mountain of Manjushri is Wu Tai in China. Avalokiteshvara´s sacred place is Potalaka mountain on the S coast of India. Pú-tó mountain in China is dedicated to Quan Yin. Avatamsaka sutra refers to a mythical island of Avalokiteshvara. OM MANI PADME HUM mantra is engraved on many rocks, painted in temples or included as in this Visual Dharma. Statue represents Padmapani, another form of Chenresig. Six syllable mantra OM MANI PADME HUM is very important : it closes the door to the suffering of being reborn in six realms of samsara. Detailed explanation :
OM closes the door for rebirth in gods realms which comes from pride.Gods experience suffering of foreseeing one´s fall from the gods realms.
MA closes the door of rebirth in asura/demigods realms which comes from jealousy. Asuras experience constant fighting. NI closes the door for rebirth in human realms which comes from desire. Humans experience birth, sickness, old age and death. PAD closes the door for rebirth in animal realm which comes from ignorance. Animals experience suffering of stupidity, preying upon one another, being killed by men for meat, skin...and being animals for burden. ME closes the door for rebirth in hungry ghosts realm which comes from greed. Hungry ghosts experience hunger & thirst. HUM closes the door for rebirth in hell realms which comes from anger/hatred. Hell beings experience suffering of cold & heat.
Secret meaning of Chenresig mantra according to our research, teaching & practice :
the Sound of Dharmata - resounding empty luminosity is the base of all mantras.
In 2. part there is Tibetan text Chenresig Ngänsong Kündröl. English texts : Refuge & Bodhicitta, Praises & Dedication are from this sadhana of Dagri Rinpoche`s close lineage which has many blessings. It combines the practice of Chenresig, Tara and Ekajati portrayed on his left & right side.
Buddhist masters like Gyalwa Rinpoche- the Dalai Lama. are considered as emanations of Chenresig. This Visual Dharma is also dedicated for their Long Life and enlightened activities as taught by the Buddhas.
1.Until Enlightenment become a vegetarian. Detoxify your body, energy & mind with the help of Buddhist Wholesome Medicine (see: OBFI GROUPS). SONG OF ADVICE FOR GIVING UP EATING MEAT by Atiyoga/Dzogchen master Nyala Pema Duddul (Tibet 1816-1872), the root Guru of Ayu Khandro, clearly teaches why human beings must be vegetarians. See also Teachings of Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche.
2. Save lives of animals & support animals shelters
3. Turn your attention inward & listen to the Self-arisen Sound of Dharmata. This is secret practice of Chenresig.
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